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Lolo (2015)

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Lolo (2015)



Director: Julie Delpy
Writers: Julie Delpy (screenplay), Eugénie Grandval (screenplay)
Stars: Julie Delpy, Dany Boon, Vincent Lacoste
Produced by : Michael Gentile
Music by : Mathieu Lamboley
Cinematography by : Thierry Arbogast
Film Editing by : Virginie Bruant
Official Sites: Official Site of the production company
Country: France
Language: French | English
Release Date: March 2016 (USA)
Also Known As: Lolo – Drei ist einer zu viel
Filming Locations: Studios de Paris, La Cité du Cinéma, Saint-Denis, Seine-Saint-Denis, France



This much is revealed to us fairly early on when we learn that he has spent most of his young adult years serially sabotaging every romantic opportunity his mother has ever had, the better to keep her to himself. Of course, Jean-Rene becomes his next target, for reasons that at first seem to be as much predicated on selfishness (wanting to be able to stay living with Violette, needing to use her contacts to boost his career) as pathology. But when the naive, sincere, and genuinely loving Jean-Rene proves unusually difficult to dislodge, Lolo’s stratagems graduate from hijinks with itching powder and spiked drinks to the potentially life-ruining, and a lot of the fun drains away in the process. Instead of quick-fire gags we get manic antics and sitcom-esque setups that could, and would in real life, be cleared up in a second. But perhaps the biggest problem is that Lolo, despite Lacoste’s strong turn in which he hides a watchful manipulativeness behind a perfect cupid’s-bow pout and an air of easy charm, is not simply misguided, he’s actually utterly hateful. He thrives on power plays designed to make his loving mother feel worthless, and is so adept at fooling her that we start to despise her a little bit too, for not seeing through him, and for having raised such a monster. That may be true to the way sociopaths operate, but it sticks in the craw of the film’s comedy.

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